About Us

The Road Channel and The Road Channel Network is the world’s first digital media company to successfully combine social media, mobile internet, and location-specific entertainment for all mobile devices. Together, we deliver audio files to subscribers that educate and entertain them while they are driving in their vehicles. The Road Channel app subscribers are informed of significant current and historical events that occurred wherever they are currently located. It is like a moving library of fascinating stories that match the location of the traveler.

To further enhance their journey, The Road Channel Network advertises the services of approved businesses that cannot otherwise reach these road travelers. Unlike other forms of advertisement media, TRCN presents the advertisement in a unique style to those people in need now. Businesses no longer need to be located on the access roads to attract customers because the advertisement and notice of your location has been delivered to them several miles from your exit and will guide them directly to your doorstep.

Most all traditional advertising rates are normally based upon the media company’s number of subscribers or listeners. Those ads are sent to an unknown number of people who may or may not have any interest. The Road Channel Network has broken that tradition by connecting with people in need now. Although there are hundreds of thousands of listeners in our system, the more important question is how many new customers are near you right now……Those new customers are the ones we reach in real-time.

Founded in 2014, The Road Channel has grown exponentially and offers the most effective advertising method ever created at the lowest cost imaginable.