How do we do it?

What we offer is amazingly simple:
We capture their undivided attention by telling them all about you when they are close to your place and time to exit. (something like 20 miles away) Listen to an example now.

For Only $25 / Month Until December 1, 2021

Our story will lead them right to your doorstep.

Our Vision

Our audience has been driving their RV or their car on the main highway for a long time. They are tired and in a hurry to reach their destination, but they have to stop to rest and eat. They have been cooped up for months, and they have been entertained throughout their drive today by The Road Channel Mobile App , and they are tired of drive-through fast burgers or chicken. Let’s convince them that the little drive to your place is well worth their time. By choosing The Right Time to Tell Your Story, we lead them right to your doorstep! Too many travelers are passing by on the highway without stopping because they know nothing about you. These travelers are listening to true stories pertaining to the area they are entering, and they trust our recommendations.

One of the stories should be your story!!!

For Only $25 / Month Until December 1, 2021

Our audience has been on this road a long time today and they are tired or hungry. They have been listening to us the whole time, but they know nothing about your place. Let’s get them to your door by telling them why they should take the few minutes’ drive off the main road for a real treat. Let’s tell them your story…..We will make your story personal and make them feel like you are an old friend. It is a personal recommendation, which cannot be beat…..Take a listen to one of our typical stories

Listen to one of our stories I want to know more

How The Road Channel Helps

MOST EFFECTIVE!….We have a vast audience of road travelers scattered all over North America,
so it is Really important that we relay your existence when they are close to you, and when they most need you!
We use, Real Time – Location Specific technology.

We have the ability to connect to an audience in “real time” need of your services.

The Road Channel app is the perfect travel companion with a huge library of stories specifically about the area they are driving though. When they are close to your place, they will hear your story/advertisement.

EFFECTIVE….Although we have a vast audience scattered all over North America, it is more important to you that we are communicating with road travelers who are close to you who need to know about you.It is “Real Time – Location Specific”

What Happens When You Choose To Be An Advertiser?

The Road Channel Network: Easy 4-Step Set Up

Step one:First, let’s get to know each other by setting a good time to talk on the phone. Make an appointment with one of our specialists. There will be no hard-sell attempts. Our team will conduct an initial interview with you to understand what you know to be your most popular specialty. We will determine everything you want the public to know about you and your employees who might be assisting them. We will want to know the history of your business. We will want to know what type of music you think best fits your ad “theme”. Note: At this time, we will confirm your credit card, but there will be no charges until you have approved the final ad and confirmed proceeding with our services

Step Two:Here’s where the hard work begins…We will compose a narrative of what we perceive best tells your story. WE will send this draft to you for your comments and refine the draft per your considerations. We will repeat this step as many times as it takes to be sure we’ve got it right.

Step Three: This step is the fun part! Here is where we will create your compelling story. A professional narrator will record your story, and we will attach the appropriate sound track to it and send the story to you for your review and comments and revise as you desire and repeat the process until you are satisfied with your story. We will not take the final step until your story is approved by you.

Step Four: : Lastly, all of our collaborative and creative input is finally ready to go live! We will then charge your credit card for the $550.00 setup fee, and the first-month $25.00 payment. Your ad will be live within 15 minutes…..The monthly payment cycle due date will repeat on the same date as your approval.

Creating your story in our studio is a multi-step process. It
includes creating the story script, getting your approval of
the script, narrating the script, matching the story with the
appropriate background soundtracks, reviewing internally,
and obtaining your final approval. There will be a $150.00
set up charge for this initial step in the process.

Your story will be delivered to our users for 12 months
beginning the day of your final approval. Your payment of
For Only $25 / Month Until December 1, 2021 per month will be autopay using your credit card.

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